On Tuesday 7 February, Ambassador Kocsis kicked-off a new partnership between the Hungarian University of Pécs and the Business Studies program of the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN).

 A first group of 30 third-year Business Studies students from the HAN and 15 students from the University of Pécs, will follow a semester of joint lessons and assignments from their own country.

The lessons are held simultaneously, via live video streaming in both countries. Students can then work online, on a project together. One of the aims is to teach students to work together in an international context. In September, another 114 students will start with the project. The kick-off was followed by teachers and students in Hungary, via a live connection. 

Opening by Ambassador Kocsis
During the kick-off, students were informed about the course of the next six months. The Ambassador of Hungary, Mr András Kocsis launched the project with a speech. Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Hungary Mr Nándor Zemniczky, then gave a lecture on the challenges of doing business between the Netherlands and Hungary. Elzo Molenberg, Deputy Head of Mission at the Dutch Embassy in Budapest also joined the kick-off program via a live stream. 

Practical assignments
What legal aspects are involved in an international transaction? What are the economic consequences of making a product abroad? Which social and cultural challenges should one consider? "Students gain international experience during the new study program, by working together on practical assignments with students from another country, a great experience.", said HAN Professor Cesar Refuge. "In the pilot, we start with fictitious companies. Soon, the aim is to make our students think about investment opportunities of real companies, especially in the rapidly developing regions in Hungary (such as the area of Pécs). 

Photos by Mariska Hanegraaf