The Hungarian film ‘Loop’ (Hurok, 2016) by director Isti Madarász had its Dutch premiere at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. The film was screened a total of three times at EYE Amsterdam on Tuesday 18, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 April.

The time-travel film ‘Loop’ is Isti Madarász's debut feature film and provides a fresh alternative to the over-complicated time-travel films of recent years.

Drug dealer Adam (Dénes Száraz) and his girlfriend Anna (Dorina Martinovics) plan to scam their boss (Zsolt Anger) and start a new life abroad. When they discover that Anna is pregnant, Adam decides to go alone and leave Anna behind. Adam ends up in a mysterious time loophole until he makes the right decision.

The screening of Tuesday 18 April was followed by a Q&A with director Isti Madarász. Madarász, who also wrote the film, compared the writing process to ‘solving a mathematical problem’. He also spoke about the editing choices he had to make and shared what references can be found in the film, to his favourite films.

Ambassador Kocsis, who attended the screening and Q&A in Amsterdam, extended his welcome to Madarász and his crew members at the festival.