On the sunny afternoon of Saturday 8 April, Ambassador Kocsis opened the exhibition ’The Beauty of Everything. Krisztián Horváth's Domburg Design’ at the Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum in Domburg, province of Zeeland.

The Hungarian artist Krisztián Horváth was born in Szeged (Hungary) in 1976. He studied Fine Arts at the AKI in Enschede and exhibited his work in Enschede, Deventer and Gorssel. 

Horváth came to Domburg for the first time in 2000. The sea, the coastal region of Walcheren and the light of Zeeland were a big inspiration for him and lead to an ever-increasing abstraction of his work, sometimes subtle, sometimes bursting into a bright and brilliant use of colour.

From Hungary, Horváth brought warm, earthy colours with him, which after his Van Gogh-period mixed with what he calls the „kitsch-colours of Toorop and Mondriaan”.

Horváth’s works were on show in a group exhibition at the Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum before, in 2003, when the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant referred to him as „the Mondriaan of the exhibition”.  Exactly in the „Mondriaan to Dutch Design: 100 jaar De Stijl” year, Horváth’s work returns to Domburg.

Opening ’The Beauty of Everything’
During the opening of the exhibition on 8 April, Arnold van Houtum, President of the Museum’s Board, welcomed the 150 attendees, after which curator Francisca van Vloten elaborated on the exhibition. 

Ambassador Kocsis then received the first copy of the exhibition’s catalogue, which was written by Francisca van Vloten and carries the same title of the exhibition. 

The artists, Krisztián Horváth, curator Francisca van Vloten and Ambassador Kocsis were then the first to enter the exhibition. Van Vloten gave a tour through the exhibition, while Horváth provided further explanations to individual works. 

During the successful opening, Horváth received a lot of positive feedback on his diverse and colourful works. 

The exhibition ’The Beauty of Everything’ is on show until Sunday 2 July. More information may be found here.