On Friday evening 12 May, singer Ágnes Visser and her orchestra performed in Theater Diligentia in The Hague with the show ‘Hungarian at Heart’.

The performance included Hungarian songs, operettas and Hungarian related classical instrumental music by Imre Kálmán, Ferenc Lehár, Ferenc Erkel, Franz Liszt, János Bihari, Zoltán Kodály, Johannes Brahms and Johann Strauss. 

Agnes Visser and the Gypsy virtuosos entertained the public for the third year in a row, in the city centre of The Hague. Each year, the passionate Hungarian musical journey grew in quality and complexity.  

Picture by: Wim Kersbergen 

The show was well attended by established members of the Dutch-Hungarian community in the Netherlands. Ambassador Kocsis congratulated the artists, Ágnes Visser and her orchestra on stage, directly after the show.